Rumours of Mad hatter Demise

Really sad that i looks like Mad Hatter is no More

Tzatziki sour is one of the UK finest beers as far as im concerned

Yes I read this earlier. Very sad. They really pushed the boundaries of what was possible in a beer, attempting things no other brewer had even contemplated. Most of the time it worked surprisingly well. I certainly bought everything they released for a while.

I can’t really comment on what went wrong, but the explosion of breweries focussing on hazy IPAs and insta-hype seemed to overtake them a bit.


Yeah it’s a shame. Regrettably I haven’t tried too many of their beers. I didn’t often see them appearing on the bottleshops I frequent online, nor my local one. There didn’t seem to be much fuss or hype around any of their releases it seems.

I’m really curious as to what’s happened as on the face of it they didn’t appear to be struggling in any way. Still regularly pumping out new releases and experimenting with styles.

Tzatziki Sour was indeed fantastic. Tried that right around the time I was getting into fruited/flavoured Berliner Weisse. It’s one that I still vividly remember the taste even after thousands of other beers. I seem to have rated it a little lower than I thought (for me anyway), might have to revisit that soon if I can find a bottle.

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It’s on their Twitter. Expanded too quickly and the owners heart was no longer in it so liquidated before things went too far.

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Yeah just came here to post this. Here’s a link to the tweet, and full transcription below for those who hate reading formal statements in 140 character bursts :roll_eyes:


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Shame. They were really good beers that came from them.

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Sucks. Great beers, massively underrated and like others have suggested they never got a first class ticket on the hype train. Also, they were a reasonable source of my meagre Merseyside rates.

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I understood it was to do with a marital split and Gary started up Gibberish Brewery when he left, his wife retained Mad Hatter but couldn’t keep it going.

The early beers they came out with I struggled with, but there was a big improvement after that.

I will sort the Brewery out on here soon. Keeping my eyes open regarding Gibberish.