Russian help for adding a place and beers

Hey guys, found a place in Minsk which makes their own beer and isn’t in the system. I took a photo of the menu - just trying to add this place and brewery. Can anyone help? Here’s a photo of the menu

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I can help with this… but your photo doesn’t open.


Sorry there you go. Some of these aren’t real entries as they are just syrup added to the actual beers, but I think the first few are real beers.

Ok, so here’s the list.

CRAFT Svetloe (a pale lager or a pils)

CRAFT Tyomnoe (dunkel or tmavy)

CRAFT Polutyomnoe (either a polutmavy or a vienna lager)

CRAFT Vishnyovoe (cherry-flavoured fruit beer)

CRAFT Medovoe (either this is some sort of mead or beer with honey syrup… wtf?)

The next two are very likely beers with added syrup - one with caramel, the other with mint

Pshenichnoe (a wheat beer, knowing the ex-USSR this is probably a hefeweizen)

The next two are Belarusian and German macros - (Lidskoe Barkhatnoe, or Lidskae Aksamitnae as it’s currently known since the Belarusian rebranding, and Warsteiner)

The menu doesn’t give the name of the place, though. No information except that list of beers.

Pivo Razaivnoye?

Yeah, it just means “draught beer”. I missed that out. Razlivnoye, by the way.

Yes, I realized later on. My Cyrillic reading is a bit rusty I’m afraid. And as far as I remember there were small differences in the letters between Belarus and Russian script, is that correct?

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Yes, you’re right. Belarusian has a couple of letters that aren’t found in the Russian alphabet and vice-versa. For example, if this menu was in Belarusian it would probably say піва разліванае at the top, if I’m not mistaken. This letter “i” doesn’t exist in Russian Cyrillic.

Thanks guys! This is the name of the place: Staryy Gorod or Старый город,27.5567286,19.25z/data=!4m16!1m8!3m7!1s0x0:0xfc0c46eed4a3b295!2sTrinity!5m1!1s2018-06-25!8m2!3d53.9088138!4d27.5563019!3m6!1s0x46dbcf948a459879:0xbecd7f8aae6c86c9!5m1!1s2018-06-25!8m2!3d53.9089196!4d27.5573172

vulica Maksima Bahdanoviča 19, Minsk, Belarus

Probably best to enter it as Stary Gorod. Google is rather shit at transliterating Russian into English properly.

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I would probably do either Stariy or Starij… which is how I usually deal with this in Ukrainian…

Thanks guys!

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Thanks guys!

Here’s another one, sorry for blurry photo:

Context would help.


Uh, this actually appears to be Belarusian. The brewery is Pyalnya Horilky ta Pyva and the name of the beer is Temne (dark).

Would make sense to consult the Belarusian admin @alex_leit on whether the brewery should be entered as simply Pyalnya or Pyalnya Horolky ta Pyva. Or something else if I’ve transliterated it wrong.

Nah, it’s Ukrainian.

But who makes the beer is another issue.

Welp, can’t find anyone mentioning who the brewer is. Anyone fluent in Ukrainian (or similar languages) wanna send them a message?