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Saison is "Typically highly carbonated, and using non-barley cereal grains..."?

That seems an odd description for a beer which mainly uses barley malts and is defined more by the spicy character generated by either an active yeast or hot fermentation than by the fizz.

Some brewers who are frightened of active yeast or hot fermentation use spices to try and replicate the genuine saison character. I tend not to think of those as saisons, but as pseudo-saisons. Some of them can be very attractive. But the real pleasure is in the beers that are brewed with active yeast or hot fermentation. That’s where true character comes. And a fast fermentation is the best thing for summer brewing.

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Definitely agree.

Well, the descriptions can always be fixed. This is far from the only thing that can be considered erroneous. They were created by a huge effort from one person and were not reviewed properly by others - which all Admins could have, but I’d guess most of us missed that discussion.

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There’s probably more like this. I’m sure many style descriptions are absolutely fine, but some might be plain wrong, others might have changed in recent years or might be missing important details. Could discuss others here too?

By the way, that part of the description was lifted from BJCP:

Maybe the sentence should be rewritten to acknowledge both the original and the growing frequency of saisons being multi-grain?

Well, now that explains why the lambic descriptions are so bad…

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I think the BJCP guidelines are useful for what they are - setting parameters for judging home brewing, but they have notoriously always lacked credibility as regards the real world of commercial brewing - particularly European brewing. I haven’t looked at them for more than a decade. I recall when they used to say that Scottish beers were low on hops because the Scottish brewers (whose brewing records show that they imported hops from all over the world, and who for a period were the leading exporters to India of IPA) couldn’t afford to buy hops. They also believed that all Scottish brewers used peat smoked malts (confusing Scottish brewers with whiskey distillers!).

I don’t think I have access to changing the style descriptors. I know at one time I did, but not any more.

There was an effort to rewrite the style descriptions started in the admin forum, but it stalled because we had no idea who could actually update them. I will revive that thread and see if we can work it out.

Yeah, I’m completely aware of issues with that, just wanted to point out where it was sourced from.

Describing saisons as is right now it would probably be wise to form it something like “Traditionally mainly made with barley malts, with modern examples often featuring multiple grains in their malt bill.”

It is when I realized this that I stopped caring about styles at all here. There used to be consensus that homebrew competition style guidelines and commercial beer style are two vastly different things.

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True, but at least now we have the chance to fix that and make RB less sucky again.

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