Sake at Wagamama

Rather than having their Meantime brews I thought I’d try some Sake. However from memory they don’t mention the brewery (I ended up assuming I was rating the right one when I had some previously). Anyone know which ones they actually stock?

The first two result in options on here but the third just brings up a Wit.

For the third one, following trail on the web seems to lead to Takara Yuzu, which is this one which isn’t rateable:

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First two look to be:

That’s what I’d assumed too. I rated the first one but was surprised it was from the US.

think its the US branch of Takara but it’s all the same global company, see link:

The Mio was not in stock and forgot it was unratable. Do’h.

I had the second one at Wagamama and rated it as such.


You can say that again.


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Eeek did I really post that?

Yep, the story please Ian?!

If these blackouts persist Ian should probably reduce his rating.

It’s what I said after Craig fed me too many sake in a row on a Saturday night after a day out drinking beer in Edinburgh.

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