Sake Identifcation Thread

Ok this is Daruma Masamune
There 4 on site but not even sure its one of them

Then this one

its from chiba : Kamikokoro momosake

Thanks to @KyotoLefty ive had these Identified :slight_smile:

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Just received this bottle of sake from a very good Japanese friend. Was curious if it was the same as this one I have already rated. I assumed it was since it’s Dassai 23 but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance for the help.

What I received:

What I’ve rated before and am assuming it’s the same sake:

If not a new rate, I’ll have to update my rating as I’m enjoying it quite a lot.

The label I thought matched this one more closely which I have not rated…

Slightly off topic but the sake scene in Florida sucks compared to NYC. Makes me sad. My quest for 10 of every sake style taking a hit.

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I’m still in search of my last two sake styles for 1 each. Honjozo and Taru. Trying to get this done without having to do a postal trade. Should have tried a lot harder in Japan last year.