Save or Savour?

Hi all,

First timer on RateBeer here. I’m 46 now and have been a beer lover since I started tasting craft beer in the early 90s… In college, I managed to get my hands on these 2 bottles:
Hurlimann Samichlaus - 1990
Eku 28 Kulminator - 1994

So I have these for well over 20 years now. Recently I’ve been asking myself: should I open them and have a one of a kind tasting experience or keep them locked away even longer? I only have one of each… I’m torn. What do you think?


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I don’t think the basic character of these beers is going to change that much if you leave them for a couple more years. So why not just go for it at the next fitting occasion? (Perhaps Christmas or a birthday?)


I agree with @SinH4. Drink them when the next ‘celebration’ in your life turns up.

Oh, and welcome to RateBeer from Shropshire.


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I’ve had a side by side tasting of Samichlaus Classic (Schloss Eggenberg version) of 2, 5 and 11 years old. I think the 5 years old was the best. The 11 years old was somewhat oxidated and over the top in my opinion. Assuming that the Hurlimann version is pretty much the same brew, I would advise you to drink now and not to wait longer.