Savor 2022

Anyone going to SAVOR this year?

@solidfunk and I are going. My wife is going too since we’ve had a lot of fun in years past.

Not sure if there will be any SAVOR Week events this year.

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I didn’t bother with any SAVOR 2022 events this year, however I did attend SAVOR.

This was the first time I had attended the event at The Anthem. I think just prior to the pandemic, they had held it there in 2019.

The venue was pretty good, very different vibe than the Building Museum.

The layout left a bit to be desired, they could have used the edges of the main pit better to spread out some of the breweries better. The upstairs selection was good, except we had to do a sharp U-turn to make our way back once getting to the dead end on both sides. Nothing that they can’t fix next year.

Overall the selection was good, and while it’s a bit pricey, the selection was worth it, if only to discover breweries or beers from breweries you would have overlooked had they not been there.

I can bring the gift beer to our next DC tasting.