Savor permanently cancelled

Looks like it’s done unfortunately.

Well that sucks. It was a unique festival. Unfortunately, I only went one year.

How much were tickets for the last one? I am surprised in lasted this long.

Like 130 or something? All you can eat and drink.

In Ratebeer measurements that’s about a 2 (dollars per tick–the official unit of measurement of a ticker).


Compared to Snallygaster, it was definitely not worth the price.

HOWEVER, it was for many years a very “classy” event. People got dressed up, business casual at the very least, up to people dressing like they were going to a DC gala. I liked that aspect. No riff-raff, no bros. Beers were usually good offerings from the breweries that attended.

The biggest failure almost every year was the food. The food was good, but you can’t sustain yourself on amuse-bouche all night, and at some point people just start shoveling food and the food just can’t keep up and then will stop. It starts just a bit too early to eat a proper meal beforehand, so I was usually starving by the end of the event.

I know I probably sound like I’m crapping on it, but I loved attending! My wife and I treated it as a nice date-night event the last few years we attended were we got to try a bunch of random beers.

I’m going to miss it.