SAVOR Week Events

SAVOR is coming up in DC, starting a thread for anyone to throw in suggested meetups during the week since there’s usually good stuff going on.

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Shitt! I’ll be in Colombia getting married. Or escaping getting married, which means I’ll be even farther away


There’s a 50/50 chance I will be back by the 16th, which is the only Savor event I’m seeing on the RB events calendar (what a shock!).

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Calendar is dead.

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I’ve been so busy with everything else in my life that I haven’t had a chance to even think about adding events to the calendar…

I’m leaning towards going to the “Savor the Rare & Obscure 2019: 30 Out-Of-Market Drafts!” event on Thursday (5/16), maybe something else in town if people want to go to another event.

@Iphonephan, speaking of 50/50, there’s an event at CK pouring 15 versions of Fifty Fifty Eclipse. Sounds a bit like hell to me.

I have had quite a few 50-50 imperial stouts. I like them but I couldn’t stomach 15 at one sitting. Well maybe I could if there was a nice lambic every 5 or so.

I was there with 2 others and we went down the whole list.


I had 5 at a tasting once and made me decide I didn’t like the base beer, let alone infinite barrel variants. That was a while ago though - I’d be willing to try again. May go to Churchkey/Sovereign this week for cleanup since I missed the Savor events.

Anyone going to ChurchKey tonight?

Deciduous Brewing Company Showcase? Sounds really good, but I don’t think I can swing it.

What time would you consider being there? I might be able to be there on the late end of things, but it’s a huge long shot.

Yes. But its a long shot for me too. Maybe 7ish.

The wife is having dinner with a friend tonight, so I’m actually free. 7ish works for me actually.

The only reason why I’ll bail will probably be if the weather is crappy.

@Iphonephan, free to DM me if you want to coordinate a little more.