I am considering making a stop in Saxony-Anhalt. Is there anything there beerwise worth doing? Is there anything there worth doing generally. Magdeburg seems like an OK city, but probably not a big beer haven…

I do need a Saxony-Anhalt tick…

While perhaps neither the brauhaus nor the town is worthy of a long destination trip of it’s own, I found Hallesches Brauhaus in Halle to be an enjoyable brewery.

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I enjoyed staying in a Castle and using their brewery: Wasserburg zu Gommern • RateBeer

I also loved staying at this brewery: Brauhaus Lüdde • RateBeer. Plus Quedlinburg is a lovely town.


I suggest the Ratskeller Brauhaus in Naumburg. Good beer and nice food

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I considered going there couple summers ago, but couldn’t find any decent beer cities. Are there any with good beer scene?

Did Ludde perhaps 11 or 12 years ago … they have accommodation on site and the food was decent.

Did the Harz mountain railway whilst there … rude not to !

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We were on a Berlin and back ‘brewpub tour’ by car (me driving). Had a great time, saw bits of Germany we’d not seen before.

Highly recommend people venture off the beaten track and find places like Quenlinburg and it’s 1,100 half-timbered buildings, places like this don’t last forever.