Search Results

Just noticed this when i tried to do it, but it appears we can no longer cut and paste the beer name fro search results.

@joet is there a reason for this. as it seems a pointless and annoying change , with no upside?

Do you mean “copy and paste” ?



It’s because the whole row, surrounding whitespace and all, is a single “link” that you can click on. Presumably this is to make things easy for fat-fingered phone users. Anywhere nearby the name will do.

If you don’t mind capturing a bit of noise as well as the name, then click before the picture (and therefore outside the row), and drag past the picture and over the beer name. That should select both the picture and the beer name. Paste, and edit away the useless “search result photo” junk. Yay, useless alt text for the lose!

bah. editing out images imn Excel is always a F… pain Very sad.

Well, you’re not getting the image per se, only the alt text (or are you? I just copy the text part in my firefox on linux). If you’re in excel, then it should be possible to create a macro which fixes all of them in one go. I wouldn’t know how nowadays, but I know it was possible in Excel 5.0’s VBA 24 years ago.

Just tried it and it seems to drag the Link across not the name. and even then its Fiddly to drag . as it needs be a smooth action not ctrl-c ctrl-v