Searches - Super Slow

For the last couple of days I’ve had to give up when searching for beers on my phone using the website. It just whirls and whirls. Anyone else having this issue?

Also when I try to rate a beer as soon as I click in the review section the screen just scrolls straight down to the bottom.

Today I resorted to writing ratings as notes and then e-mailing to myself so I could cut and paste them when I was back in the office.


Site still too slow to use, whether on 4G phone or high speed wi-fi.

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Must be something of a geographical issue.

Yeah, it seems to happen every time I search for a beer.

Just hangs there.

Mine had sped up a bit but not great.

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Aargh! Annoying! Can someone go and kick the server or something?

Hi everyone, sorry about the slow search over the last few days. We released a fix for this issue today. Please let us know if you continue to experience any search issues

Does it work now … most times I just get a white page !!!

For me, seems to work normal today, compared to the very slow loading times for the past whole week

It’s quicker.