Seattle's worst brewery neighbourhood

Just did a short couple days in Seattle and didn’t have time to get to Fremont area, or some of the more suburban breweries around, so really was only along the waterfront with a quick dip up to Capitol Hill. Now Elysian was closed for remodeling when I was there yesterday, but I was surprised at the low quality of the other three breweries I went to there. The one old school mainstay didn’t fill me with much hope but the other two were equally bad. The places were all really nice ascetically, just didn’t get the key part right. This was too bad as all the other local Seattle breweries I went to were good, and the local stuff I tried at other bars was great too. Something wrong with the water in Capitol Hill area?

I don’t frequent the Capitol Hill beer places as much as I wish, but have always enjoyed Pine Box and Red Hook Brewlab. Always great beer choices. Optimism is quite the extravagant space out there as far as location goes, and the beers have always been good. It’s never been a part of town that I target for beer visits though, due to the overwhelming amount of other options. Which locations did you hit?

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Optimism, Redhook, Outer Planet. Found they were all fairly bad when I was there, though Optimism was definitely the best of those three.