Hi guys
Saw a few of you visited a while back. Have Been checking the website, Which is not updated and mailed Them twice Without Any answers.
We , MrOrla, Christian and I Hope to visit friday 23th March But I have to be certain they are open. Anyone Any idea of How I Can find out?

For their open Brauereitage. Indeed not updated beyond Closing on March 2 and they haven’t published anything beyond that day.

Would love to go, but a local source tells me they are not too eager to serve more people during their limited opening times, or selling bottles-to-go to non-locals.

Let me know if you get in!

Okay. Here is our schedule. I know , not a lot if any? , of you guys are close to Oberfranken but if you wanna meet somewhere for a beer with MrOrla, Christian and myself it would be cool. 23-27 March.

Friday: Hartleb and then Seinsheim when they Open. On our way across to Windisch. perhaps a beer at Zehendner.
Saturday: Falkenberg and later Neuhaus and Windisch.
Sunday: Heckel (They convinced me to try it again, on my first visit extremely dirty), Knoblach and the Geisfeld for the evening
Monday: Goller Drosendorf on our way to a Bamberg crawl.

This sounds awesome, but I might have other plans that weekend. Will definitely tell you if I am in the area.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s the first Friday of each month that Seinsheimer is closed, so the 23rd should be fine.

And yes, you definitely need to try Heckel again.

Yeah great itinerary. Have fun. This weekend is a Craftbeerfestival in Frankfurt, so I will be there otherwise I would have considered a daytrip to the area.

Great itinerary! Good idea, to try Heckel again! Maybe not really a “sterile” room, suitable for a liver transplantation, but one of the most unique pubs in Europe with - no doubt - one of the finest franconian beers on tap. Skål!

If you make it to Seinsheim, please keep us updated on the coming months if you can, as their website probably won’t… Will they stop brewing=stop serving come late April, once the Brausaison is over?

I will try with my broken Deutch. If anybody down there understands English - no problem :slight_smile: