Serve In....something smaller?

IMO, I find the Serve In / Glass section way too big for what it is… (anyway, you take the beer in what they serve it to you in pubs)

I would suggest (if you just don’t want to remove it completely because it’s pretty close to useless) to only show the glass pictures side by side (normally no more than 3 right?) with their name under.
They could be clickable to see their own description OR have a small link that would get you to an overall Glass Description page.

Eck right now we have more glass description in a beer page than we have about the beer style and the beer’s own description combined…


Personally I would probably delete that section entirely.


Better to save that space for country/city of origin, contract brewer and possibly even tags.


Especially these days with even high end bars serving beer in whatever… see Torst.

I’d much rather have tags there too.

It seems almost elitist/snobbery to dedicate such a massive amount of space to glassware. I preferred how it was before where you could click on it and it would pop up some info on recommended glassware for the style. It saved so much space and kept it out of the way for, what I assume is most users, who have at least a general idea of what kind of glassware suits what kind of beer.

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“Serve in Shaker, Tulip”

is sufficiently annoying to move other efforts to that?