Several real bugs make this website unusable

so many real bugs make this website unusable:

  • Can’t update my beer (as a brewery). Some changes fields are saved, others aren’t, without any showing errors.
  • -- Login gives error
  • Loads more pages give errors (robot clunk page)

't Blauwe Hert Hinde • RateBeer

Brewers rating their own beers 4.5 doesn’t make for a useable site.

Go try another site perhaps?

Welcome to the forums! -We’ll be glad to help you with any beer editing. Feel free to message me or write a list of things that need to be update. We as content admins don’t have an insight into the brewer editing interface, so, what would be useful is listing what’s actually broken (doesn’t save) - and we can potentially escalate these issues to be fixed.

The edit profile page gives an error? Which error? What are you trying to change (if it’s not personal)?

Which pages give robots?

Thanks for the feedback!

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You are correct. I have deleted that one from years ago.

To start with… almost all menu items in this menu go to the ‘robot’ page:

"# RateBeer Robot Oops!

This Page Was Upset

The page in question is not healthy. We hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have…" etc