Shattered Shattered Dreams

I just had a Siren “Barrel Aged Shattered Dream”

9.1%, so not a perfect match for:
but at least a perfect name match, and the actual commercial description (“Bourbon barrel aged …”) matches the reviews of that beer.

However, there’s this mysterious interloper:
An untappd photo associated with the interloper shows that the commercial description on the label, as well as its colour, has changed a bit

(mine=“breakfast” vs untappd=“with cacao, coffee and vanilla”, mine=“Bourbon barrel aged” vs. untappd “barrel aged”).

Are they really different beers, or have they just changed the design of the label? It looks like different batches have come out at different strength (who needs quality, we’ve got craft!), so the 9.1% seems to be a red herring? You can’t tell the beers apart from the reviews, even the one without Bourbon in the (RB) name has bourbon all over the reviews.

Were I to enter my review on ratebeer, which beer should I enter it under?

All a bit of a mess if you ask me … likely that the 3 varying entries for BA shattered dream are the same one.

I’d drop the brewery a line myself but have failed to get replies in the past and the head brewer has changed at least once in the past few years (poss twice) so not sure there would be the knowledge.

Fuck it … I’ll write to them and let you know but don’t expect owt.



They were very prompt in replying and as I suspected only ever one BA version.

I shall be aliasing when I get chance.

Stick your rate in on the one with the most - 50 or so ratings or whatever it was.

From the brewery …

So there’s been 3 versions of this beer: Shattered Dream, Barrel Aged Shattered Dream and Salted Chocolate Caramel edition.

However, due to being released at different times there’s been some changes in labels. For example, the original label stated “With vanilla and cacao nibs” and the re-release of the BA stated “Bourbon barrel aged”.

With Ratebeer and untappd, users often add their own beers and sometimes get it a bit wrong!

Yet again, it’s the admins that make the site. Many many thanks.