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Sheffield Beer Week 6-14th March

Usual format, kick-off with the Indie Beer Feast followed by a week of pub fests, tap takeovers, etc. A few announced so far, plenty more to come, main Beer Week site will have an event list soon https://sheffieldbeerweek.co.uk/

Fri + Sat 6/7th - Indie Beer Feast https://www.theabbeydalepicturehouse.com/event/indie-beer-feast-2020/ - Abbeydale Picture House, Abbeydale Road. Brewery bars including UK and foreign (mostly keg)

Monday 9th - Smoke & Monsters Torrside TTO at Shakespeare https://www.facebook.com/events/606424543521056/

Wednesday 11th - TBA at Shakey, not been announced yet but it’s a good’un

Friday 13th - Collabracadabra at Shakey - a dozen beers (cask) all brewed by Shakey beer manager Lucienne and her team https://www.facebook.com/events/1095343370804046/

Friday 13th - Mikkeller & Warpigs TTO at Crow (another FM event) https://www.facebook.com/events/521314815176379/ - look at that tap list. Look at it!

Saturday 14th - Siren & Salt TTO at Hop Hideout (assume keg) https://www.facebook.com/events/1417156841788611/

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Sad reflection on where this site is going UK wise, not one person has replied with any interest or willingness to attend.

Mind you, it is Sheffield!


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Oh I’m very interested, unfortunately there’s no way I can attend any of those dates. Having said this, I think a trip to Sheffield is long overdue!

I can’t take the moral high ground here as I seem to be on here far less these dayes

Anyway, the Shakespeare Wednesday event has now been announced as Fantome+Alvinne, 2-4 Fantome (just finalising details, hopefully will include a very special cask) and 4 Alvinne on draft, plus bottle pours from Alvinne

Also announced is Baghaven event on the Thursday, 6.30pm at Bath Hotel and 8pm at Stag’s Head (both Thornbridge pubs)

Mikkeller SpontanPentadrupelBlueberry on that list is a Top 50 Fruited Lambic, recommend trying that one if you get the chance :wink:

oh hell yes, top of my list!

Racked up the Collabracadabra special last night, Apricot Vanilla Braggot. gonna be a messy night!

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