Sheffield mini-gathering?

In the top 100 days out a few people mentioned interest in a visit to Sheffield. Could be good to have a small RB gathering in the first quarter of 2023?

Obvs can vary where we go but I’d say must-do are

Industry Tap
Head of Steam
Kelham Island Tavern
Hop Hideout

If time add Beer Engine, Brewdog, Triple Point, and may as well do Tap (it’s the highest rated place but it’s not quite what it used to be). Easy to go via Beer Central bottle shop if people want

Foodwise the Rutland does seriously good food, Hop Hideout is in Kommune which has about a dozen food purveyors. If anyone wanted to stay over the Crow does rooms (doubles and twins) for about £50


I’ll start looking at train fares. We also need to find when the strikes are due to go ahead.

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Interested, will keep an eye on this.

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I’m interested in coming along for this.

I’ll brew a chilli beer in readiness…

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I’d add Heist to that list. Not because I’m a fan of the place or their beer, but it’s definitely a rate fest for visiting tickers.

Yeah good call, knew I’d forget someone! I actually like the place more than I thought I would. Their own beers are variable IMO, they get some good guests, and it’s another food option, so long as one likes burgers

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you’ll probably only get 4 weeks notice MAX … could be 14 days so not sure there’s any mileage in that … for the cheapest fares anyhow

First quarter probs no use to me but I’m always happy to make my own plans and if folks are around so be it , if not no worries

And I would not visit stripper city without a visit to SMOD!

I was gonna say SMoD would take a chunk out of the day, but then we’ll only be in each pub 7 minutes anyway since everyone will be drinking Danish Pints :wink:


Bear in mind SMOD will be closed until March (probably be open the first weekend).

yes I totally knew that and that’s why I didn’t list them, and it’s not cos I forgot at all (I rarely leave S1/S2/S3, can you tell?)

First weekend of March is Indie Beer Feast, so you could incorporate the fest, but then you’d have a lot less time to do pubs/bars

jjsint would like to register interest.

Feb bad for me as 3-4 Feb I’m hoping to go to Ely festival and wasn’t there something about a Birmingham crawl on the 18th? The other two weekends I’m engaged as well.

I’m tempted to suggest later as there’s more hope albeit thin that the train strikes will be resolved

Well just bob up when you can. Give me (or Dave) a shout and someone will show you round I’m sure.

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Definitely interested, though I have to leave the UK at the end of February. Was thinking about doing Sheffield after the Birmingham crawl, but very flexible.

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my February is filling up (two forrin collabs!), so I’m gonna suggest two potential dates:

Sat Feb 18th
Sat Mar 4th

the former would be a standalone, prob start noon at Rutty? The latter coincides with Indie Beer Feast and the start of Sheff Beer Week, so I was gonna suggest those who want to do Indie could do one of the Friday sessions and stay over then start the pubs noon Sat


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As there isn’t a huge amount of RB gatherings I wouldn’t have put up the 18th FEB as some of us are planning to gather in Brum.

I mean there’s folks who would go to Sheffield for convenience over Brum and vices versa but you’ve probably lost 3 or 4 of us who might well have come to Sheffield by clashing those dates.

arse, forgot about the Brum one. Well we could do Sheff on the Sunday if people want a double header, otherwise I’m here on the 11th if that works better

ok on balance I think Sat 4th March is probably best date - then those who want to do Indie Beer Feast can do that Friday (afternoon or evening session) and stop over, or do one of the Saturday sessions in place of part of the crawl. SMoD should be open then, so I would suggest something like

11am onwards Tap and/or Head of Steam
noonish Rutty, poss eat there?
Industry Tap
Triple Point
Ubers to SMoD
Ubers back to Kommune - Hop Hideout, food options)
West Bar Tap?
Kelham Tavern

then depending where we are for time Welly is not far away, nor is Salt, and then maybe finish at Heist? Or get the Ubers from SMoD to Heist as it’s the furthest out and work back to Shakey, as that’s nearer station

I will be up for a Sheff crawl some time this year but as I mentioned before early March no good to me as have a weekend pass for Brum/Burton on 16/17/18 FEB and the weekend of 24/25/26 for a trip to Scotland.

Not going to ask for further pass outs that month … also with the missus having just signed off the paperwork for my first ticking trip to the US of A in 7 years … in Mid April !