Sheffield mini-gathering?

Sounds great but I can’t do that weekend. I will probably head to Sheffield on a Saturday in Feb sometime. Maybe 24th.

4th March might work… can I mark myself down as a ‘maybe’ at this point?

I won’t be around that weekend, brewing in Bulgaria. But if that’s what works for people I’m sure you’ll manage without me :joy:

Turns out I I’ll be able to make the 4th March after all.


ok I’m gonna set this up for 4th March. Not sure if any tap takeovers or owt happening that day, probably not. I can probably arrange one of the pubs to allow us a small share if people want, or we can just stick to pub crawl. Will check if SMoD will be open, not sure if we’ll need to book a table (for those who haven’t been, it’s rather small!)

Smod didn’t open until after indie beer last year (not enough staff for both maybe?)hence why I had to make a separate trip. Still need to work out if I can get over for it

someone said they were reopening that weekend, but that might be hearsay… if it’s not open it will make the rest more leisurely (or allow more places!)

Edit: reopens weekend after… so if I can work out how to edit the event I’ll rework the route

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Looks like I can make this as train tickets are showing as quite cheap from Darlington (strangely even cheaper than Leeds which was another option that weekend) and keen to visit Triple Point which has lots of GF, although may diverge from the pub itinerary for GF & cider ratings

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Beer Central in the moor market has 30odd gluten free beers in now too

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Yeap, as well as Beer Central GF range and Triple Point brewery tap, last time I was there Sheffield Tap, Kelham Island Tavern, Shakespeare Tavern, Bar Stewards & The Social had new GF beer rates for me (Head of Steam also had afew GF on I’d rated already). Craft & Berry also stocks a range including Abbeydale GF cans. Sheffield’s definitely the best city I’ve been to for new GF beers, and there’s the Cider Hole for Exemption cider, and Hop Hideout also stocks ciders.

Hop hideout just announced on the Friday eve they’re having a funk showcase with Abbeydale Funk Dungeon, Little Earth and Crossover - imagine the beers will still be on the taps Saturday (I’ll be going Fri night to make sure I get them though!)

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Don’t drink all of it!!

like I’m gonna have more than a third of each :wink:

There’s bottles mentioned too so maybe share some on the Saturday


Sheffield Beer Week site now showing SMoD as open so who knows…!


They’re opening back up first weekend in March.

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that’s good, their website said weekend after, wondered if it was cos Dann & Martha would be at the Indie Feast

Dave, I think that info on the website is out of date and actually pertains to 2022!

we may need to factor in Brewdog after all - Matt looking at putting on a little sour event including my 3 Emperor’s collabs ‘Sour Wars - first trilogy’ and my Alchemik collab Yellowcake and hopefully some other goodies (he’s got a keg of the brew Holy Goat did for them)


I appear to have lost my ability to comment on an event. So posting on the forum. Just thinking about booking my train for Saturday but wanted to check this is still on. Who’s going?

Yes, I’m definitely going, managed to get a reasonably cheap train ticket

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