Shelf Beer

Saw this these just sitting on shelves.

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I wouldn’t buy any of those beers at those prices.

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Which shoppe it this?


Heavy over priced.

in StL

This store is not known for overpricing

That’s like 3x the price from the brewery in San Diego.

Think that’s the 4 pk. price? Can’t imagine one can goin for that. Looks like a single price.

any other people find some formerly wanted beer that is collecting dust?

…until now!

None of these seem to be dusty. Buying things in shops is normal. Even expensive or seasonal things. Queuing for underpriced things in industrial backblocks is a sign of a disfunctional market where rents are partly shared and partly dissipated. Presumably this is partly corrosion of rationality (grass is greener/ sour grapes) and partly barriers to competition due to antiquated and/or corrupt regulation.

And partly suckers, obv.

Several BCS variants are chilling on the shelf where I live (do not message me; not interested in trading). I’m in a lucky spot where the one good store in town seems to get good stuff but only 1-2 people in town seem to care… maybe just me, even :joy:

Appears to be a fair amount of it sitting on shelves right now including the variants. Not as popular as it once was or just easily available now ?

I think a combination of the two? I think it depends where you live as well. I live in a small town and it’s chilling but the bigger cities near me, neck beards line up overnight to get the variants. Regular BCS will sit on the shelf here forever.

Also, ISO 2018 Prop.

Agreed. Fookin young folks line up for anything nowadays though.

BA Sour Hazy Imperial Pastry NEIPA White Stout w/ Lactose

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Above beer does not have white stout, but checks every other point. It was good though.