Shelter/The Roost

Finally went to the Roost/Shelter as I literally only just heard about it on Friday. This is the newest Churchkey, well, the only Churchkey these days. Open market set up like Union Market, you can get the beer anywhere inside. 50 taps apparently, though they are only sitting at 25 or so now. Will probably ramp up when life starts again I guess. Also many familiar faces on staff there from CK and Sovereign since it’s NRG.

Strange thing, they are focusing on half the taps being low alcohol beers. Not sure what that means, when I was there it seemed to mean like less than 6% say. Anybody else been? Just entered the place here so I’m assuming not.

Food stalls were interesting. Had some great noodles at Yoka kota.

Shhhh… The Roost is nothing. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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