Sherfield Village TBA

I tried to add a new beer the other day but for some reason only the brewery name was saved. I sent a correction through but saw today that the beer has been merged with another beer with a similar name.

The beer I was trying to add is Sherfield Village TBA Second Variety. It appears to differ from Sherfield Village TBA in terms of the grist and the hops. There are pictures of it on Untappd if you want to see it.

I don’t believe I added a duplicate but if I did then can my original rating of the usual TBA be restored?:slight_smile:

I had a similar issue today. Was sure I’d added the beer name.

I saw TBA v2 the other day but didn’t bother with it. Damn. Missed a Hants tick

Edit: just relaied the above is bollocks. I bought a half but didn’t bother adding a new version.

I am pretty sure it is a different beer and I did enter the name but it did not save. Could it be Ratebeer has a bug?:wink:

Any updates on this admins?

Looks new to me. Added it again ->

I’ve not yet seen the bug where only the brewer name gets added.

Thanks for adding it again. My original rating and review of TBA has been deleted. Is there any way to retrieve it?

Your review is under the original TBA. I just deleted mine and copied over the text.

That is my review of TBA Second Variety but last year or the year before I rated the original TBA too but that rating has disappeared

Sorry, that is above my admin level. Whenever I’ve had ratings merged in the past, I’ve got an email with both ratings in. Did you get such an email ?

Ok @SaintMatty , I just had a poke around and apparently i do have the admin power (I’m new to this)

Your ratings are now merged under the original TBA. I’ll leave it to you to separate them.

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Thanks for that and no, I did not get an email. Maybe it is cos of the exceptionally high traffic the site supposedly gets now!:joy:thanks again