I know the past year hasn’t been RateBeer’s finest for community spirit amongst us old lags but I bumped into Scopey recently and he queried whether we’d be hosting a pre-GBBF shindig this year. I don’t see why not, as long as there’s sufficient demand.



Yes please Chris (and Ruth).

I promise not to bring any Heineken produce.

Sat 4th August - usual pre GBBF date?

I’d be keen to share a few bottles. Always nice for a catch up with a few Ratebeerians and to catch up with you and Ruth and your place rating adventures!

Would love to of course Chris but sadly the usual pre-GBBF date is occupied in my calendar by an overseas wedding. Would be interested to resurrect the Polish beerathon idea you were toying with earlier in the year at some point too!

I don’t think I’ve seen you at all this year Chris. Normally our paths cross somewhere in London.

Yes I am up for 4th August for a pre GBBF shindig

Yes I agree with Dan, still up for a Polish drink as many different lagers as possible idea.

All being well I will make it to Bermondsey pre Shin-Dig.

Fancy an Uber to Chriso again?

So many things to do these days that we’re a bit thinly spread. Plus, of course, I tend to do my stuff at times when you wage slaves are gainfully employed.

I was thinking maybe the Beavertown Extravaganza Sunday, if that’s not too much. There’s the possibility of refunds if too many brewers drop out and I imagine quite a few people will have their travel plans in place already so will be in London whatever transpires. My :Polish beer count has taken a significant boost due to a week in Warsaw earlier this month.

Definitely up for it, we were discussing bit this weekend at cotts. I’ll be up post-gbbf setup and hopefully bring the eclipses along if beer order arrives in time.

given im staying with you. and have flexible ticket home(but cant be too late) if you could face an early ish start that would be superb. but realise that’s also very self centered of me

id also add there’s always a few of us in Edinburgh happy to put on something if people fancy a trip up. happy to organise i mini rbesg/ tasting /or crawl

weve had tastings for steel city dave, got one fir scopey coming up. hell we even had a Heineken owned brewery before it was trendy

Will be there if there will be a sunday session.
We got tickets for LCBF for saturday.

Being as I will be the new 'Merican (aka the clueless one) on the block in England, I was definitely looking forward to details on this event. At this point I should be free. Also work pending I will probably come to the following weekend session of GBBF.

Plus @chriso has been a huge whale on my rating raters list. I’m expecting him to come in at a solid 4.5 or greater! It will also be good to catch up with some old RBian friends @Theydon_Bois and @cgarvieuk.


As usual I am unavailable; Berlin this time.


I fly in Friday 3rd August, so would be up for an early morning Bermondsey then shindig (if it happens on the 4th) :smiley:

Lorna & I are most definitely in for a pre-GBBF tasting on Saturday 4th August!!!

Ok, shindig on! Usual arrangementsd - Saturday 4th. Maybe 2pm start to allow Bermondsey-goers a few hours first? I’ll get round to adding an event (assuming Events is actually working properly) when I can be arsed.

As far as Sunday goes, depends on how many as well as @Bolagshataren would be interested. We had a nice low key, open house sort of affair last year. Which was nice.


Great stuff Chris.

I will definately take the opportunity to hit up Bermondsey first as I rarely get into town on a Saturday these days … laregely due to our ever expanding family of dogs and associated activities.

If anyone is passing Kernel in the coming weeks let them know if they have a rot box to part with.

If there’s 3 or 4 of us we could Uber it over as per last year.


Be good to catch up.

Make a day of it and hit up Bermondsey in the morning beforehand … I’ll look to rock up there a little past 10 all being well.

As for the GBBF … the big Ratebeerian days tend to be Tues, Weds and Thurs when a few folks take days or half days off work. Not sure how that sits with you?

Friday night tends to be rammed with shirts and ties and Saturday is more of a dregs session with a lot of the beers already kicked. You’ll still get plenty of ticks mind and a few RB guys attend the Saturday session, I’ve done it once, but @mR_fr0g and @Leighton are often present.

I doubt Tuesday GBBF will be in my schedule due to the new job. Mrs. SHIG isn’t even thrilled at me going down two Saturdays in a row, but I will at least make @chriso event if it doesn’t pan out in my favor. Hopefully, I will find a house pretty quickly as that will increase my chances with wife.

I wasn’t worried about not getting the premium ticks at Saturday session as I am low on UK beer totals in general. As long as they have some hote golds to tick I will be in business!

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