Shipping beer from Brazil

Has anyone ever had beer shipped from Brazil to the US? What service did you use? I am thinking fedex but am wondering if anyone has had any experience.

The regular post system (SEDEX) used to be quite reliable. Do you have the source zip code and destination city. I can make a quick price estimation for you if you want.
Regards, Ed

Thanks. I know that the beer is being shipped from Porto Alegre and is being shipped to Brooklyn, NY (11215). I do not know the specific area or Porto Alegre from which it is being shipped.

Do you have an idea about the weight?

Not as of yet. It would be a few beers but no idea the exact amount.

A simple simulation from Porto Alegre to NY, 7kg, says around R$380. It means something like $100…

Wow that is a hefty fee, but this is helpful. Appreciate it.

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