Shipping from US to Europe question

I have a contact in the US who offered to ship me some 3Floyds (high on my wishlist) but I’ll have to take care of the shipping costs.

I’m thinking about a 6-pack and about 6 20oz bottles.
Which courier is the way to go? I did some (very) quick checking with USPS and I got over 200$ in shipping alone. Thats way more than I want to spend. I might have used the wrong info so thats why I’m asking here before I proceed in closing the deal.
What arefair prices when shipping to the EU from the US?


~$100 through USPS for a similar package from US to Belgium.
I just priced out a box to the Netherlands, 15 lbs, 15"x12"10" and it comes out to $83.50 via Priority Mail International.
Get some advice from other Europeans about what to put on the customs forms so you don’t get nailed with duty.

Thanks. That looks better.
I’ll look into it.

You have to check with other Dutch people about customs - here in Germany you have to pick up the parcel at the local customs-office and the look into every parcel - but beer is in Germany so low taxed that I never had to pay anything. Taxes in NL are nor really higher - but I bet here are many people from NL who have experience with it :slight_smile:
As you’re not living far away from the German boarder, take into consideration to ship from here - it is cheaper for heavy parcels…
Deutsche Post/DHL costs 53,99 for 10Kgs - and in NL with PostNL you pay 58,30€ - but up to 20Kgs it is with PostNL 105.30 but with DeutschePost / DHL only 75,99€

Its a onesided shipment, for now.
But yeah, I’ve heard shipping from Germany is usually cheaper.
With the next EU local trade I’ll def gonna combine that with my monthly trip to a craftbeer shop in Nettetal :wink:

Thanks all.

In terms of costs its not worth it. However, I’m doing this for a close friend of mine. Returning a huge favour so thats why I’ll proceed. Now I just need to have the luck the shipment gets through else it would be an expensive lesson learned.