Short Term Goals

As I prepare to head off to London for two weeks, here are my short term goals:
reach 7500 ratings
reach 525 place ratings
reach 1600 breweries

I think this entirely within reach, and should wind down probably the best year I’ve had RB to date. If anyone else is going to be at the Pig’s Ear let me know…

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Have fun Steve. I’ve always enjoyed going to London, I need to go back soon.

this is my second trip to the UK this year. Still need to get back to Germany and Belgium.

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You been since the RBESG 2014?

Loads of new venues since then … as you’d imagine !

Damn, I better hurry back. You’re right, it’s been 4 years since I’ve been to London. I’m sure a lot has changed, I remember a lot was added in between 2012 & 2014.