Should barrel-aged be a category?

I realize we just made like 40 new categories but I was thinking that especially for imp stouts and porters, this would be really nice. Would help me avoid them, for example. Thoughts?

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And then on down the road to sherry - port - gin - rye - single malt scotch - scotch - peated - brandy - calvados - cabernet - syrah - chardonnay - and on a bit more

Flavored should be anything which has a non-hop/non-malt flavor added to the base beer?

Instead of creating new styles, maybe we should focus in updating the TAG glossary and add them to the beers when needed…


TBH I wish we would have done that instead of breaking them out as they are now. Brewers no longer color (brew) inside the lines making style possibilities endless!


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The strength of beer!

No. Why do we collectively always forget about tags.

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Let’s just categorized every as “beer” and “other”

I agree with this for sure, but as I’ve been saying from the beginning, nobody will ever use tags to any degree until we can add them when we add a beer. Nobody’s going in after for every beer and sending in corrections…

Because we can’t add them.

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Why not? I usually add tags to beers I drink unless I get logged out when I click on “edit tags” (which happens quite often, not just recently).

I mean we can’t add them when we add beers. I add a ton of beers, and put in all the info I have when I do, like abv, IBU etc. I would enter tags if it was possible on adding a new beer, but I’m not going to do that extra click - too much extra work.

@services anyway we could put that possibility on adding a beer?


Good point, I never even paid attention to the fact you can’t do it when adding a beer and only after going back to “edit” it. Definitely something to consider on the devs side!


Every time I try to add a tag I get logged out. I used to add tags on every single beer I rated, now I do it for none.

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