Should this rating be deleted?

What about the latest rating of TG Kentucky Brunch? I think this should be deleted.

Why? The user doesn’t have enough rates to impact the score of the beer.

The second last rate, on the other hand, is just the description of the beer translated into Spanish. I’d say that is more of a candidate for deletion.

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That’s right.

I dont speak Polish, but used the google translater. I think it says something like the beer tastes like the brewers urine… Such things should not be deleted?

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Because it’s spam. Better deal with it sooner than later. Delete the review and the user.


At least they used some flavour descriptions. More than a lot of users here. If he genuinely dislikes the beer, why censor it?


Unlike rater I don’t know what brewers urine tastes like, so it’s not really helpful.

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I’ll leave that up to your imagination :wink:

Same reasoning would apply to e.g. some kind of fruit or ingredient I’ve never had before though. If you say it tastes like e.g. dragonfruit, it’s not very helpful to me, 'cause I’ve never had it before.

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Yeah let’s spam some more about spam rating which will be deleted.

Seems like it’s deleted now. I agree with what’s now the latest rating. It looks like it’s this user’s thing to just translate the description on every rating that’s counting, at least the ones I checked. Why bother doing such crap…?

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Now I want to know what it said. I’m sure plenty of people here have called macro lagers ‘urine’, too :joy:

Basically that the beer tasted like brewers urine and you should drink some Polish macro lager instead (which he scored 5.0).

Sounds like a perfectly reasonable review to me.

Have these ratings been deleted yet? Cause this is ridiculous

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