Sierra Nevada - Resilience IPA

Get ready to enter 1000+ times the same beer as they probably use all the same recipe. But great effort by the brewery and aswell of all the colaborateurs. Perfect selfmarketing but for a good cause. I support this!

" More than 1,000 breweries have signed up to brew #ResilienceIPA! We will do our best to keep this list updated. Thank you everyone."

1000 ticks !!!


Should a tag be created for this beer? The rankings of each individual beer might not be worth much, but it might be interesting to see how many "different’ versions of this beer users have had and the tags have been pretty good in that department.

I think they’re all technically beers as well.



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For anyone who sees this thread, here it is:

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Can’t wait to see all the ones from the breweries around me get 0 reviews

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Lots of abv variance & even a random dipa…

They are not brewed for SN. Each brewer will be doing something to work well with what he has and feels he can afford. There is no reason to obfuscate the well intentioned work of all those brewers. Putting all the beers in one place is insulting.


It’s just a tag. I don’t think anybody is going to be insulted by it.

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Yeah. Just put my opinion down to excessive intake.