Silver Branch and Old Ox Merge

apparently this is slightly old news

Wow, had no idea.

Even if this is a merger, Old Ox is definitely the bigger of the two, with Silver Branch being the outpost/tasting room. I would do more research, before making any official change here, but maybe note on Silver Branch “(Old Ox)” or something? I don’t think a complete merge makes sense Based on reading this and other articles since they seem to be keeping their separate identities.

The only merge I’ve been completely aware of was the Dominion/Coastal/Fordham one that still doesn’t seem right on this site, after nearly a decade. I believe that any non-retired Dominion beers still being produced are now branded as “Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company”. They are also no longer “AB InBev”, haven’t been for years. The associated place probably needs a renaming of it’s title to reflect the actual brewery name.

SHould probably drop that info in the breweries fix thread.

But ya, maybe do something like we did with Green Flash/Alpine for Silver Branch and Old Ox?

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