Siren Middle Finger Discount

I recently tried Siren Middle Finger Discount again. When I had it a few years back the label definitely referenced this as a collab with To Øl. But this one made no reference. I have tried to include the pump clip image.

If this is no longer a collab should the old one be retired and set up as a new beer?

A few people including myself who have recently rated that made reference to that fact in their rating. Has there been anything official from Siren on this? If it’s an exact rebrew with or without To Øl I assume it would stay the same entry?
Same with Ten Finger Discount as well. I never had the original so no idea if anything changed.

It is a rebrew of the collab recipe (tiny 0.2% diff), but without To Øl being around. Happens reguarly - I’m not sure there is much that needs changing.