Site Update: release notes 02 FEB 2018

Phoenix Release 1.0.1 deployed

Reduce whitespace
Fix search result links with improper URLs
Allow for right clicking on results
Fix touch scrolling on mobile devices
Virtual keyboards show search button
Build search results preview affordance
Update header links to spec
Show loading spinner instead of text
Fixed missing fonts for older browsers
Misc css fixes


We are listening! Thanks for the feedback!

How about showing if you have rated a beer when the search results are shown?


We are working on changing the design of the results page to better clarify what you’ve rated.

If you don’t see indicators of what you’ve rated and not rated, you may want to sign out of the site and back in.

Right now, you should see this:

But we want to make this more clear

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Looks much better - thank you!

I noticed some beers are still rerouting to incorrect pages, for example: (this goes to Anchor Wheat Beer for some reason)

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I see that with Mosaic using Yahoo and Google.

Bing and Edge don’t do it.

I noticed when I search for certain beers, for example a beer aged on different barrels or a beer released with different hop types, that I can’t right click on the name in the Phoenix results and open it in a new tab on my browser to compare them. Can this be edited of added?

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I noticed the same problem today. If you log out and log in again, the problem should be solved.


Didn’t work with MS browsers. Just Mosaic. I may try IE! :frowning:

Which popped up Bing search. Ah well.

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It also works in Chrome. You could try that as well

Last resort. I think Chrome broke my Win 10 months or so ago. Before whatever the problem was, Chrome was all I used. MS seems to dislike things they don’t own.

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Yes, we’ve identified that issue and are awaiting a fix to roll out. Thanks!

Wrong date in your thread title? :slight_smile:

There’s still a scrollbar inside the search box

And the magnifying glass icon switches position when the input has focus, this is a weird design choice and a bit distracting. Choose a side and stick with it?

Finally although I see my ratings in the search results, the link in the header is still prompting me to sign in even though I obviously already am.


Looks nice, however I’m not seeing a direct link to rate from the search. That means an extra step for mobile rating.

Used to be:
Search -> rating box click -> rating page.
Search -> click beer ->load beer page -> click rating -> rating page.

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Yeah, I had to do the same to see “My Rating” in the search results…

I have signed back in but definitely don’t see the ratings. I would just say that there really is no need to have the actual rating, just an indication of rating would suffice.

Actually it is working this morning and working well for finding beers. I can see my rating.

I am having issues with Breweries where an apostrophe constitutes part of its name. If you try to go to the Brewery page from the Brewery page on search you always get directed to an error page.

I’d like to feature request being able to see in the search results when a beer is an alias. Maybe change the picture to an ‘A’ or add a little symbol.

Well done on the first quick update and great that you’re providing a patch note.

I had that issues, but signed out and resigned in and the issues was resolved.

Yep, worked after signing out and then logging back in.