Site updates, 16 Nov, 2018

Version 1.4.7 | Nov 16, 2018 (Technically Nov 15, 2018 in US)

  • Swapped out google map, and replaced with openstreetmap in beer profile page;
  • [Urgent] Fixed: no return reviews for some beers which have check-in reviews;
  • Fixed: Beer picture is in sidebar (IE11);
  • Fixed: Reviews are not wrapping text properly (IE11);
  • Improved New Rate & Review flow as below: (New Rate & Review flow Still toggled OFF in production);
    • Remove ability to resize the elements on both Rate & Review Form and Add Beer Form;
    • Autoscroll the page to the top when the is mounted (fixes bug on mobile in which the form is scrolled down when user clicks through);
    • Add Optional heading to the Add Location/Served In card;
    • Fixed a few bugs when editing review;
    • Scroll to the top of the Beer Profile page when a user leaves the Rate and Review page.
  • Tech debts:
    • Upgraded webpack to v4, means less bundle size and less compile time;
    • Upgraded many other packages to the latest version;
    • Ensured coverage report fires on tests.

@joet It seems to have reintroduced a bug:

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So this is not for the app. It wasn’t made clear. At least to me.

Thanks for the report. I’m hoping for a code push to fix this soon, if it hasn’t already been done.

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@joet As mentioned in the linked Website Bugs thread, it works again. And it can be closed.

Has there been another code drop? Rating away this evening and then the rug was pulled from under me. All I get now, after 2 phone reboots, is a spinning circle. Rater friends I was with reported a re-introduction of the much disliked slider bars for rating. I can neither confirm or deny because I cannot access any beers.

I ask with a very weary voice - what is going on?


They pushed new code without testing it first.

Come join the fun in this thread Why | instead of numbers? to complain!

Yeah having some problems with the new version on my Android phone. Scored a beer with the sliders and then wrote the review selected serving type and source submitted enter and the site removed my scores from the slider bars. Redid it and it seemed to work but didn’t allow me to choose serving type for instance can.

Thanks for the reports. We are looking into this now.

@madmitch76 Mitch has the issue resolved?

@joet I am able to post a non public rating, but my normal 2000+ character reviews won’t do anything when I click save. Desktop site.


Entering new rates and taking ticks (private rates) to public, but my total rates haven’t changed for a couple days. I am not a fan of the slider bars either.


Hi Joe

Yes - it has, was only on that Tuesday evening - UK time. All was okay by Wednesday morning



Thanks Mitch. Yes, we made a rollback to correct the issue and will roll out again.