Smithsonian Folklore Festival

It appears that an Armenian beer will be available there. It is my custom to try to get country ticks at the festival, and this seems like a good opportunity, since Armenian beer is not widely available (?). Not sure which day I will be there.

Yerevan Zhigulyovskoe has been available at Total Wine. Given the particular language on the label the provenance may be difficult to determine. :slight_smile:

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I used to always make it down there. I’ll have to look at TW for this beer if it’s available (another “obscure” tick is always nice…).

And yet another mediocre pale lager. But I got my tick, and it’s not even that hot

The embassies are often good places for obscure country ticks in DC. Many hold open houses in May (sorry, a bit late for that) but they also have events, concerts etc throughout the year. Or you can just stop in and ask for “tourist information.” The island nations and some African countries are usually safe bets

Thanks. To be honest I have not exhausted the easy country ticks yet, but I will keep that in mind.

Speaking of Total Wine, check your dates before buying anything there. Was there on Tuesday and a lot of IPAs sitting there with November canning dates. :frowning:

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Yeah. My nearest still has IPA cans on the shelf from a brewery out of business over a year ago.

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Uh, this is not news? I like the variety and price at TW, but know as to freshness, the emptor must particularly caveat there.