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Snally 2019 is unlimited flat fee

Seriously, did you guys get these emails yet? Who’s in this year?

Also, unlimited tastings for flat fee? We are all going to die. First one to bingo without dying wins! Only 300 beers haha

I saw that… tickets go on sale on Friday.

Unless it’s otherwise stated, I’m thinking smaller pours are in our future - like what is as SAVOR - 2 ounces.

My wife has already tentatively given me the go-ahead to get a ticket… I might be taking it a bit more easy this time.

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At free-flow pours I’m not sure that’s even possible… We don’t even need @beastiefan2k’s heroic antics this time to get like a million ticks. I’m buying ticket now. Free tshirt…

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I just purchased mine as well.

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I’m in, got my VIP pass.

4 & 8 oz pours and possibly 16 oz Bluejacket cans according to BYT https://brightestyoungthings.com/articles/snallygaster-2019-preview


Wooorrrrdd. @nimbleprop you in this time? @Iphonephan you in town? @MrChopin we know you’re in town now… @noodleuser @wutangfinancial @beastiefan2k @DCLawyer @maniac get your tshirts.

Yeah, any other takers?

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I think I’m in.


But also damn, here I was saving the snally tickets I didn’t use last year. Oh well.

Haha, oh man, I think i have a few from nearly every year that I found the next morning in my pants.

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At least you came back with pants. More than me and Donnie can say @GenDV138

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Bumping because it’s 2 months away.

They’re released the breweries. Some good ones listed.

helllll yaaaa

Westchesterco and I have not committed yet. Still discussing our return plans. VIP tickets are still available. WTF?

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Maybe 100 bucks is just “too much” for many festival goers? I think SAVOR has had attendance issues, even after they dropped it from two days to one.

This is definitely going to save people like @solidfunk money, but maybe 100 bucks just seems out of reach or unreasonable for other people?

Plus no need for negotiating 2oz pours from volunteers for half the tickets :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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So let’s try to get a sense of who will be there.

Going: Me, @solidfunk, @GenDV138
Maybe: @maniac, @Iphonephan, Westchesterco

Anyone else? I know a number of old users aren’t on here so hopefully we’ll reach out and make sure everyone can coordinate if they’re interested.

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I have VIP, so I’ll be there.


Just saw the initial beer short list posted on the snally facebook. I did some early work and added all the unadded stuff on that list to RB

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A god among men. Thank you, sir.

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