Snallygaster 2021 Roll Call

Who all is in for this? I got regular rather than VIP tix this year as they were sold out by the time I knew I was going

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I was thinking recently that I hadn’t seen some friends who live in Arlington for a while, and then you posted this, and it all clicked into place! Also just regular tickets.

I know @radagast83 is going too for sure, and @beastiefan2k usually goes as well as @GenDV138 but I haven’t heard from Donnie in a while. @maniac , @nimbleprop ?

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Usually we mass up a decent crew at these. Wonder what the set up is going to be? Whether one drink at a time like the last one? I’m definitely going to bring some extra old glasses like last time so I can double up on beers again in case that’s the strategy. We might want to bring a sharpie or something in case they go back to plastic cups like past ones and we end up with a table with 400 beers on it. I’m thinking they might do that given COVID concerns with reusing same glass? Who knows though.

I’ve got rugby that day, so I’m out. Apologies. Still have never been.

Regular ticket here, I think so long as we’re in line on the front end of the “regular” ticket line, there won’t be a problem. Like with most Snallygasters I’ve attended, I’m pretty much going in without any solid must-haves. There’s a ton of good beer that I think there’s no point in creating any FOMO on any of the beers out there that could hypothetically kick during the VIP or early regular session.

I think some extra small plastic Dixie cups and a sharpie may be the best route if we want to split some beers.

I would think that 2019’s setup is probably pretty COVID-safe in how they served beers, I think.

2020 and 2021 has really kicked my alcohol tolerance quite a bit, so I’m probably going to not go as hard as I did in previous years and will definitely be drinking more water and eating more food.

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A healthier approach to what we usually do is probably a good idea… I’ll try… :rofl:

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Looking forward to it!

Great time at Snally! Probably one of my favorite ones out of all of them. Also probably the one where I paced myself the best since I made it to the after-party and then home in relatively good shape.

Was able to try more beers than at many tastings.

I think my only regret was that I didn’t walk around as much as I would have liked, but we had two MVPs who kept going and getting new beers constantly the entire time.