So how ticky are we nowadays?

Which most closely describes your attitude to beer hunting?

  • What’s ticking?
  • Mostly drink things I know will be good, don’t care about the ticking so much
  • Sure, I tick, but always leave room for good beer in the schedule
  • Must have all the ticks available
  • Only ticks, drinking for pleasure’s for alcoholics

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I’m not someone who goes out of the way for beer that is probably not good. Luckily, there is enough good beer available for me right now to enjoy most of the ticks I do, although it sometimes hurts to not finish a beer that is quite good.

When at festivals, I try to tick as much as possible, though.

I’ve slowed WAY down since the birth of my daughter, and as a result, have shifted my focus from quantity to quality.


When it comes to buying stuff I’m in the ‘I know most will be good’ camp. When it comes to drinking stuff I’ll gladly tick whatever is put in
front of me (read: what @Benzai puts in front of me). Which is also undergoing a shift in quality.

The days of buying every bottle of local Belgian
piss because we’re glad we were able to find a new beer are mostly over for both of us I think. Countryticks are still fun though.

Edit: And I’m trying to keep up with the Dutch stuff too, but it’s virtually impossible to drink beer from every brewery/brew firm nowadays.

I selected “tick all the ticks” because I think I’m in the final phase of that. I can’t keep it up for ever, so am squeezing out the last few drops whilst I have the stamina. The local crowd are good - when a known duffer comes on the market, we’ll agree to only buy one and share. If it’s from the guys we like to support, we buy one each, ditto if it’s a known good one.

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Though few actually believe it, I’m actually doing exactly the same as @b3shine since this year. Atm at about 1/3rd of my usual amount of rates. See yall in 10 years when my kids have grown up a bit.

we don’t coordinate our buys here in Munich, but somehow this is what happens all the time :smiley:

I’m still doing what I usually do I rarely drink a beer I’ve had before but still try to get best avaialale or something that ticks a goal of min So yesterday stopped at new beer bar/brewery tried one of their beers in 10oz since short on time that’s it. I could’ve done flights and nabbed 8 more ticks or so and spent a bunch on random bottles to go but didn’t feel like either.

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I just look for new and interesting beers, that i think i would like to try. Thats generally breweries or styles i like or beers / breweries i’ve never heard of.


Drinking every beer is an impossible task so the numbers game seems pointless. Most of the beers I buy are from breweries I like, styles I like or am keen to try more of, or a new brewery I want to try. That’s the most enjoyable way for me. Trying to tick everything by having tiny measures would ruin my enjoyment of beer I think.


I’m with you there, though I do make exceptions for festivals or beer tastings where that is the explicit goal of the evening (but this is only a couple of times a year, so it doesn’t get old; I don’t think I’d have as much fun if I was doing that once or twice per month). I’ll usually order the smallest measure of a new beer that I can, but I try not to be antisocial about it because most people I’m drinking a beer with like a good beer but don’t give a damn about rating it.

Luckily I don’t have to be too “ticky” nowadays - plenty of choices out there.

Bottle/can buying is for rates, going out with the wife and friends to pubs/inns etc, its known beers I like usually, unless there is something that is different and sounds/looks interesting.


I think I’m in between the “tick all the things” and “tick but save room for good beer.”

Moved relatively recently but still playing catch up with all the new beers around me. That being said I moved to Wisconsin and a lot of the beer is good… and often there are so many new rates around me I can pick the better ones or the fresher ones or the ones that are styles I like.

When I go into a bar or brewery I’m definitely at least getting a flight size of whatever I haven’t had, but then I go for fresh, local, and styles I like (hoppy, sour, etc.).

I’ve changed within the last year. Ditto on the festivals. At fests I usually try to maximize samples and if out with friends, we’ll sample each other’s stuff otherwise I solely buy what I think I’ll really enjoy now. I’ve decreased my ticks from around by well over 100 the last year and I imagine it’ll be less this year at maybe 500 total at most. Really my only main “ticking” goals at this point are for new styles if that list ever appears, and new countries. Otherwise I’ll drink why I enjoy. I imagine within a year or two I’ll be down to something like 300 new rates a year or the like. 10k will take forever!

@HuskerTan there is enough beer in Lincoln to tick that wouldn’t require 10k to take forever.
You SHOULD be ticking every single brew from White Elm. If not, send me a few crowlers to me.
I am good for it!! :wink:

Haha. Even at my current slow rating pace, I will still reach 10k by the age of 37 so perhaps I could up it to 20k? If I lived in Lincoln, White Elm would be the sole cause of my bankruptcy! Wish I could share them easily with more raters. They are very much a well kept secret outside of Nebraska. Just wish I didn’t live 2 hours away…I just get to be envious of Jared stopping by there everyday after work.

I’ve still only had one NE brew my lowest rated state. Need to look into trying some more if good stuff to be had.