So I finally reached 8k rates

I must admit there were times when I wondered if it was worth keeping going… :woozy_face:

Surely I can’t be the only one who finds each new 1000 harder than the previous one, can I?? :persevere:

Nice to make it with a numerically appropriate brew, too. :beers:


Well done.

I am not finding it more difficult to add 1,000’s to my list each time, but I do rate almost anything and everything that I find. Covid prevented a lot of my travel plans, but I just drank at home more. I’m travelling again now it’s safe to do so, already been down to Cornwall; Cleethorpes and two other trips booked so far since we returned from the US in February.



Looking forward to helping your with next 1.000.
Hope to see you soon.

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Harder? Does seem to take been taking longer without festivals

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Congrats on the 8K!

It’s certainly getting harder for me as restricted to drinking gluten free beers and ciders/perries/meads/sakes



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I found the last one really hard going but that was due to COVID more than anything. Seems to be getting easier now.


Many congratulations on the 8k.

My already low annual score has been halved since I started working from home. If we don’t go back to the office soon it’s going to take 7 years or so to reach my next thousand!


Yeah, I’m definitely drinking more at home and less out and about. Apart from a few hours at Pig’s Ear, there’s not been any festivals, RB meetups or pub crawls, either. Here’s hoping!

Interesting - one thing I’m noticing is just how many more GF beers there are now, and even dedicated Gf breweries - though sure, nowhere near as many new beers as the regular type. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah, there are alot more Gluten Free brewers & GF Beers coming out these days… notables are Brass Castle, Abbeydale, Triple Point, First Chop, Brightside, Little Ox, Great North Eastern. It’s a case of ordering on-line, as locally in pubs maybe a new Gluten-Free Beer appears every few weeks, whereas for non-Gluten free beers I could be doing several new each few days such is the turnover in the local pubs…


Nice one.

I’ve not slowed down my rates as yet but with cost of living squeeze it’s only a matter of time. At first I was thinking of going back to cheap supermarket beer for a few months but I tried a Heineken the other day and it was the foulest thing that passed my lips in a long time. Once you’re into craft beer I don’t think you can go back. Might have to try sobriety for a while!


Thankfully there is also decent (or half-decent!) stuff in supermarkets too these days. Not at the level of the ones those breweries sell themselves or in indie shops, but you do kinda get what you pay for… Those indie shops, with their relatively high margins, they’re gonna be hurting though. :disappointed:


Congrats! :slight_smile:

I’m finding it easier and easier but even more exponentially taxing on my budget. Oh well. :smiley:



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