So I walked into a bar in Thailand

And was amazed that the cute bartender Thai girls were using ratebeer to check up on tastes and stuff, but to try beers they liked (which was sour) and to help inform customers. Whodda thought? Ratebeer reaches some strange places…


Probably thanks to @jmgreenuk who has been promoting RB a lot in SE Asia.

Hair of the Dog Bangkok maybe? They have their RateBeer Best certificate proudly displayed on the wall and a RateBeer sign outside of their Phloen Chit branch.

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I’m puzzled as to why Thailand is a strange place.

Yup that’s the place

Strange for brewing. A relatively new brewing scene. No need to get all PC offended here.

Thought so… it was probably Susan then! She looks at RateBeer to find how a beer tastes and Untappd to see the ratings. Hope you managed to get to some other places in Bangkok, like the Fat Cow, the Warehouse Bar and Baan Bangkok? All the best bars are listed on RateBeer.

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Naah. The field kitchen at a Hezbollah training camp would be strange. Not a modern county where they drink beer and have access to the internet.

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Not as modern as you’d imagine

So similar to some US states :rofl:

Was short on time, but made it to Baan Bangkok (my favourite) and Mitr. Though Hair of the Dog was great, definitely preferred those two as they actually had Thai beer on tap and bottled.

There is a long story behind MITR. It was supposed to be the bar that would showcase all of the locally brewed Thai beers that would be brewed as a collective to overcome the draconian brewing laws in Thailand. Sadly, that never happened, so most of what’s available there these days is imported from Europe/US/Australia/New Zealand plus a few “Thai” beers that were brewed at Stone Head in Cambodia. I stopped going there when they refused to give samples any longer.

Ya MITR had like 2 Thai meads, 2 actual Thai beers then foreign stuff. About 10-15 bottles of Thai stuff too at least, which for a complete nube to the region was great, especially since you can buy take out. I’ll bring some to a RB tasting this weekend.