So Long and thanks for all the Fish

It’s time for me to hitch-hike off, well from my Admin functions anyway. It appears that there are other Admins who are not happy with how I have looked after the UK and are looking to change how we are set up. That’s fine, I wish them well but I don’t want to be associated with those changes, so time for me to put my keyboard to other uses and relax with a beer or two.
It’s been a pleasure helping out. See you all at the odd function or two.


Glen, I’m sorry you feel this way about those things… for all the effort and the immense amount of time you put into the maintenance of the site, you will always have my respect, and the respect of others, I’m sure… And thank you for that!


Oh no, that’s a terrible shame. I think you’ve done an amazing job and have always been there to lend a non-judgmental hand when I was in a quandary. Thanks for everything.


Changes :eyes:

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Hi Glen, thanks for everything that you’ve done as an admin over the years, you’ve been fantastic for the site. Whatever has happened I hope that it won’t see you stop contributing to the forums. You’ve been responsible for some absolutely wonderful threads and topics over the years. I hope that all is well with you and Sandra.


Hi Glen,

Many thanks for your work over the years. Really appreciated.


Thank you all for your kind words.

I still aim to be a contributor to the Forums, hopefully with more time on my hands now.


I thought this was going to be a BlackHaddock thread.

Also, thanks for your service to the site.

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I don’t know what’s happened, but this is sad news. Thanks Glen for always being swift to respond and frankly doing a great job. Glad to hear you’ll still be around on the forums.

I would be interested to know what these “changes” are; I hope they don’t downgrade how the UK’s administered on here. I appreciate that I’m not aware of how everything works behind the scenes, but the UK data has always seemed absolutely bang on to me.

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For full transparency, due to numerous complaints by users (admin and non-admin alike), largely search-related, a discussion was started to finally discuss the old unwritten UK rule regarding the removal of “The” from UK place names, to hear out the pros and cons of the rule, and if it should be changed (the "The"s being reinstated). Those are pretty much the only changes that are being discussed.

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“Thanks for your service” Glen.


Thanks for the info @Marko - so for avoidance of doubt should we now include the the or leave out the the?

I’ve been to many a ‘Queen’s Head’ in my time and I wouldn’t have a clue which ones began with ‘The’ unless I googled. The word is strangely superfluous I think when it comes to pubs. Happy with the change through if its stops search issues.

Cheers for all admining Glen. A big commitment and a selfless and often thankless task, but an important one for continuity of Ratebeer.

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Obviously it would be over simplistic if it were just the prefix to UK pubs that caused me to resign, but it was the final straw. In the end I’ve done 20 years of Admin and time to take a back seat.


Sorry to hear that.

Hopefully see you at Egham.


Sorry to see you’re not going to be continuing your UK admin role here Glen. Thanks for 20 years of great service here, hopefully see you at a beery event somewhere before too long!