So what have I missed? What are you looking forward to?

It has been a few years since i started a Forum thread on RB. Now we appear to be able to get out and drink again without the full body suit of +2 chainmail armour to protect ourselves (sorry too much D&D during lockdown) what are you looking forward to this year? I’ve just had my first trip in the campervan (who buys a campervan in early March 2020 and then looked at in on his drive going nowhere for 2 years? Yeah well timing was always my um what oh yeah, forte) to Cassel in France and got to speak a different language, use Euros, drink different beer, and i want to explore more of near Europe, so what are you looking forward to doing now? Beer fetivals trips to places you haven’t been to in a long time?
Basically i want to know where is good to go to these days in the UK and i know you lot will know


Shropshire has some lovely towns and villages Ian.

Shrewsbury the county town has enough to keep any mega rater busy for a few days. Ludlow and Bridgnorth are fantastic towns with some cracking Real Ale pubs, plenty of interesting villages between them, Bishops Castle and Much Wenlock being two of the best.

Telford also has plenty of places worth finding, Ironbridge, Oakengates and my town of Wellington being the best of the town.

A full week here would do you the world of good, you could even pop into Wales if that’s your thing.

I’m looking forward to a long weekend in Cleethorpes, hopefully a holiday in Crete, the Cannstatter Volks Fest and then Hawaii in December with a month in California to follow.



Done a bit of travel this year …

Since we last spoke Sharons parents retired to Broadstairs so have been getting down there every 3 months or so in the past year … most recently first weekend of Feb plus a night out in Deal (Record shop, just reproach and taphouse)

They live at the town end of St Peters so locals are the Yard of Ale and the fantastic Four Candles … pretty much a 4/5 minute walk to either. I’m sure you know them well, particularly the Candles where you are top rater. Love that place … when I’ve ticked the new beers I relax with a £3.60 pint of 8% cider from Biddenden … crazy vfm and doesn’t drink 8%!

First trip to Derby in Feb for best part of 20 years … solid cask scene still, and the following day Brum. Big highlight was the Digbrew taproom … solid beer range (all theirs bar one) and really top pizza.

Visited mum and dad in Ireland for first time in 30 months late Feb … had 3 or 4 hours to myself in Dublin so went on a little crawl.

Just back from a week in Portugal … a craft scene at last (last visit 2013).

Not a lot of beer specific plans coming up in the short term but back in the office now so hitting London venues after work again.


Forgot to add you missed this: Orange County, a weekly look at a Californian Trip


Love Broadstairs/St Peters in fact we did a Thanet Micro pub crawl in early March including Four Candles and Yard of Ale. Good cheese in Four Candles their beers are decent and as you say Biddenden cider is surprisingly good loopy juice. Mind the Gap and the new micro Royston in Broadstairs were done as well.

havent been to Shrew
sbury in years so needs a revisit it was a lovely town lawt time i was there

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yeah … we always order too much cheese in the Four Candles and end up taking more than half away.

Not a fan of MTG tbh … smells a bit damp and not the most exciting beer choices the two times I’ve popped in.

Am a fan of the new Royston … good mix of stuff … modern and trad cask offerings.

They had a Cloudwater cask ‘coming next’ last time I was in !

I’m off to Belgium next week for the Brugge beer festival, I’ll be there for 5 days and I’m really looking forward to that. It’ll be my first trip abroad since Feb 2020 which was also the last Brugge beer festival. I recently took early retirement so looking forward to travelling to lots of places again, hoping to get back to Japan in the autumn but Putin has added another 5 hours to our direct flight because of his no fly zone. Quite keen to get back to the USA in the autumn and hopefully some short Euro trips, somewehere with sunshine and a beach is tempting too.


I’m currently sat on a bus on me way to St Mars of the Desert. That’s about as far as I’ve been in an age, beer wise :man_shrugging:t2:


Good to see you back posting on here Ian, btw.

They always make me think of a deep fried Mars Bar… St Mars of the Dessert…

Have just returned from a lovely few days in Cornwall. It seems almost every coastal town down there and into Devon has a brewery tap or craft bar now, a lot having opened fairly recently.

Pipeline in St Agnes, Padstow have two smart bars in Padstow, Newquay Brewing Project in Newquay (which I had to add to the site) and great to see St Austell and Harbour producing an abundance of limited releases, Harbours prices were incredibly cheap.

Some nice new places in Falmouth too.

As for Shrews / Shrop, plenty of new places here in the last 3 years alone… Coracle in Ironbridge is great plus the owners are opening a new place in Wellington which is getting Jeremy excited called The Boot (get it?), Kings Yard in Shifnal, there’s Tap & Can in Shrewsbury, plus further afield the old bakery in Welshpool and in Oswestry Bailey Head and Bastion Alehouse plus Stonehouse brewery is worth a visit doing nice food 7 days a week.

Give us a shout and I’m sure Jeremy and I can meet you for a couple.

Well dang I missed Newquay Brewing Project, but I got some cans from Lost Brewing Co. Which seems to not have been added to RB yet and also in Newquay (can’t find info for the brewery itself).


On the Friday evening before the fest Rudi who owns de Bierboom (on Langestraat) holds an International beer exchange. Everyone takes local food and beers from their region/country and it’s a great night. I’ve done it five or six times. No invite needed really, but if you fancy it pop in during the day on Thursday or Friday to say hello (he might be out prepping his stall at the fest) and ask about a place.


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I’ve made a determined effort this year so far to get to new towns and places, hitting the Railcard and newly acquired bus pass. I have really pushed my places total and therefore quite a lot of new beers. However; it’s just got to our caravanning season, the first weekend test is currently underway near Cirencester, so I’m a little restricted by having to accommodate other requirements let’s say. I’m not going to get abroad this year, just letting everything settle down first, but next year could be caravan to Spain and Portugal. Diesel prices are killing me a little but what the hell.
Managed to get in a couple of beer festivals so far and some lined up, although I hear that the railways could be making Egham tricky.
Keeping on the move as best I can.


Sounds great, I really want to visit Cornwall sometime and the St Austell venues - and I am glad to say we are once again getting lots of St Austell’s Small Batch Brews/limited cask brews over here in Denmark. Pre covid I must of been adding around 10 of them a year that were appearing over here but not much distro in the UK apart from their Cornwall bars. Mostly all of them have been really good and superior to their better known common beers. I added one a few weeks back, and had to add another new one yesterday which was very good, and in great condition…


Yes i have to say I didn’t expect so many new beers from St Austell. Two of their first keg beers on draft plus some single hop pales . The chap behind the bar mentioned their cask club releases were going to be rebranded and released in can format very soon so no doubt more availability in the UK.

I agree their IPAs and other limited releases have all been spot on. Id probably compare to Salopian in terms of the high quality of their beers and overall non show-off approach.


It’s nice to finally be able to make some plans again so I’ve been having a think about my beer ticking and perhaps like a few others I’ve found myself visiting and re-visiting the ‘usual suspect’ cities, towns, and venues which is great from the social aspect as more often than not you’d run into friends there but I’d like to focus a little more on visiting new places. I did look at Belper earlier in the year as they seem to have a good number of pubs for a small town but unfortunately couldn’t make it on the day so if their micropub is having another of it’s excellent looking festivals I should try and get there, easy enough on the train from Derby where it would be rude not to visit a couple of establishments on the way home! I’d also like to visit some more micropubs, two towns I’ve looked at which seem to have a good number of them are Chorley and Lytham/St Annes so those are also on the to do list. Don’t laugh too hard as I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve also missed GBBF at Olympia, mainly as it gives the opportunity to catch up with lots of good friends there and it’s always fun to have some American cask beer of course. I’m glad you finally got to use your campervan Ian!

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So far this year I’ve been to London, Leeds and York plus a number of smaller towns and villages around the East Midlands. I’m getting out a little bit more, but my health has suffered over the last couple of years. Especially since about January I’ve had vertigo which means if I’m having or recovering from an attack I can’t drink as much in one sitting, which will probably be better for me in the long run in all honestly.

Would like to do at least one beer festival this year. Peterborough is sounding likely but I’ve thought about GBBF (which I’ve not been to since 2014 or something stupid like that).

Might hit some places closer to home this year like Leamington Spa/Warwick which has a few decent places, maybe Worcester at some point as well. And maybe a couple more London trips if possible. I think we’re still a little ways away from international trips.