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SOLVED Ability to permalink to an individual beer rating

As it was decided to separate the issues, here’s a new thread. Who else misses the permalinks we used to have to each individual rating? And the correct date that went with it, and the correct order…




Glad we sorted that out! :rofl:

Everyone who participates in the forums - very likely. Includes me. But folks who just want to look at a beer? Maybe not. Many more people out there than there are forum paticipants. Still this would be a nice fix. @supporthelp

Nothing more important

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Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve gone ahead and create a new forum for feedback and moved this thread into here. I’ve discussed it with members of our team and we’ll be routinely reviewing and responding to the threads in this forum.

For those of you who appreciate this feature request - please heart the OP as a means of showing your support and we will take this into consideration.

This is not a feature request, it is a bug report. It used to work… Pls fix.

Edit: it think that is what bugs me most. Things break all the time while implementing ‘fancy new features’ and most if the time it’s not even acknowledged.


Super happy to see admins with really deep understanding of ratebeer, with experience as deep as this: https://www.ratebeer.com/user/476602/
(for the lazy, there’s a wopping 6 ratings)

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This more or less sums up how the long time users here have felt about the past year or so.

I appreciate that random guy that showed up out of nowhere and seems to want to help, but it’s pretty clear he’s in a bit over his head and has very little context on how the website worked before the InBev acquisition.


Correct, I’m not much of a user of RateBeer - I’m not much of an alcohol drinker in general, really. I do not work directly on either the website or mobile app - I’m the teams DevOps engineer and essentially keep the lights on. I’ve been on the team for about a year now.

However, I’m quite interested in helping the forum members to feel heard and I do hope that I can make an impact. I’ve taken quite a chunk of my day responding to people today, and working directly with other members of the team to start implementing a process to listen to users.

Thanks for your contribution!


@tjbiddle did you lose a coin flip or something? Is Joe still alive?

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I understand that previous versions may have had a feature, but the current does not. I’d still classify this as a request in this case, but beside the point - it’s just terminology.

A lot of pieces of the website are being rewritten from the ground up, and some things may be lost in the process. This isn’t just aesthetics - it’s a technology replacement, so there’s quite a lot of work going on in the background.

As we move along and continue to replace components, we’re able to move faster the next iteration.

Grease up - you’re in for a bumpy ride! I hope you enjoy my next bug report, it may be somewhat “unconventional” in nature.

Haha, Joe is alive and well. He’s tending to other manners right now.

I’ve been quieting following the WTF thread for some time and wanted to work on providing a solution.

Looking forward to it, thanks! Please be sure to keep bug reports to a single topic each and provide as much information on reproducing as you can :slight_smile:

This seems to finally work again with the rating showcased on top of all the other ratings! Thanks very much, its an important feature and glad to see its back.


Yeah it’s back.

However, for admins, if you click the EDIT button on the left, we reach an empty page without the usual functions (move/delete ratings are not there)

@joet @services @tjbiddle

I’m glad that actually worked out… Thanks!

@blipp He meant “keep the lights on” as a network engineer. If we loose connectivity or the site goes down hard, it’s usually TJ’s fault. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback. This one was in planning for quite a few weeks before that but good to keep it all topical and to share your feedback as well. Thanks again.

Big big update on this. @Viper666 thanks for the bug report. We’re working on it as a priority.