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SOLVED: "Available at" another issue


When you start typing, it no longer tells you the place location details. So if I type in Firefly it has 4 options, all just saying Firefly with no details to distinguish. I picked the first thinking it just may be spatially aware now but instead this very local canadian beer is now available in a pub in england.

As one of the top people contributing to this, I no longer can because I don’t want to add garbage data.


Yea, this causes me to have to do extra work to put in the data that could be helpful to other users. This is especially annoying for providers who have multiple locations.

As a result, I just skip it sometimes. Ratebeer’s loss I guess. Please bring back the old method.

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So is the title abridged or would adding city help?


City would help tremendously, which I believe is what was there before.



  • more than just 3 places to choose from
  • city should be a searchable term

try finding the right Total Wine…

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Agreed, this change is miserable. I miss my local places being listed and I miss the auto-suggested places. Also, on mobile and desktop, it’s either only showing me three, or further suggestions are blocked by the keyboard or whatever… frustrating!


Any sign of this being fixed soon, or is that a silly question?


The problem persists: There are 3 places called Albion and since I cannot see the location or any other distinctive characteristic, I keep adding beers to a pub in England, instead of New York City!


yes. I like 8 at least


If you see a Total Wine or other chaine store that is not of the format Chain Name - Location, please please change it to the above format.


That’s what I’ve been doing here - just adding my city name to all the chains. I still miss the brewery of the beer automatically being suggested.


Still awaiting repair…


Yup… encountered the same problem today. A rare occurrence where the app does it right and the site stopped doing it right.