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SOLVED - BUG: Cannot enter location info when rating

I’m trying to find a location through search to select for the rating, but the search function cannot find the place. Screen snip below:
after 30 seconds or so

I have the same problem with Mollys Spirits in Lakeside Colorado. It used to show up, but now nothing. Can an admin address this problem please?

Same old shit… Special character bug…

Try searching Molly spirits instead of Mollys spirits or molly’s spirits and you’ll find it

Tried it and various other ways, no luck. Wit’s End Brewery in Denver doesn’t show up either. I’ve tried various ways and no dice. Both used to show up.
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Thanks for letting us know about this issue, we are currently working on it and we expect that it will be fixed within the next few days.

We just released a fix for this issue (it might take another hour or so). Please let us know if you continue to have issues here

Working now, thanks!