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SOLVED - BUG Hard return gone?

It seems that the update of the beer pages deleted all the hard returns. Before, we had to use bb codes to do that but that was an awful lot of work, so I think it was actually a good update that you could just push Enter.

So is it back to bb codes or could this ‘bug’ be fixed? The little ‘structure’ I could put into a rating is now completely gone.

Bump. Anyone? @services?

I share this concern. I use codes in my ratings for hard returns, which no longer function, and hitting “Enter” within the review does nothing either. Every rating is now just a blob of a paragraph.

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Finally some backup, haha! Exactly my thought.

I’ve asked for it as well, both for beer reviews and for place reviews.
Adding to that would be needed in commercial descriptions as well.

The lack of being able to do so shoves all text together into something nobody feels like reading.

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Were they ever even present in commercial descriptions? Now that you mention it…

Of course they were, formatting was present everywhere. Returned to comm. descriptions at least. Maybe reviews? Unsure.

I also used bold and italic text to differentiate the different sections of my ratings. Those codes stopped working quite awhile ago. I understand that in the old system, if you didn’t properly close your codes, it would affect the remainder of the page, which is a problem of course. But I at least always verified my rating after it posted to make sure my rating was correctly formatted. Would love to get those bold and italic options back as well, but I’ll take hard returns for now.


I never understood why bb codes were to be entered manually in the first place, so many other sites/forums offer bold and italic options with one click of a button.

But anyway, I hope we can get some answers on this issue. @services?

Hi @nathanvc, as also mentioned in the other thread, we now support new lines in reviews! We hope this helps to give better structure to reviews and improve readability :slight_smile:


Great! This is how it should be. Thanks!

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It doesn’t seem to be working for places though, i.e. placw reviews?

Sorry @gnoff, you are right. We’ll release a fix for this early next week!