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SOLVED - BUG - Location Tag in Beer Review - Locations with the same name


Trying to rate a beer at the Sportsman pub in Huddersfield on my mobile.

The location shows me at home permanently which means you can search local bars as described in this thread BUG Geolocation bug, mobile web platform but also as there are multiple “Sportsman” venues then there is no way of defining which one it is.

Use a Samsung and the Android web browser


The places should at least be edited to include the different locations in their name


Doesn’t sound very practical - Anyone want to go through the list of “Red Lions” and do that?

Surely it should include the name AND location/metro field as an option

It might just be a unique thing to the UK.


Each place should have a different name to differ them anyway, so adding the location for multiple places with the same name is just normal…


When adding my last review on mobile, I noticed that now the location of the place is added next to the location name. Kudos for this nice update!

(same update on desktop)



Nice one as that appears to be an elegant solution.


We now always show the location of the place to make it easier to choose the correct option :slight_smile: