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SOLVED - BUG: User rating's format on RB website


Dear RateBeer Service Team,

I notice the recent changes on individual beer entry pages. However, for user ratings with a detailed reviews which involved spacing and paragraghs, the RB website now no longer show any formatting and instead just a large block of words which is difficult to read. Case in point (my review):


On the RB addroid app, however, there is no such problem and the formating shows up just fine:

Could you please the formatting problem on RB website’s user reviews?

Thank you.

@aww @services


Agree, and have asked for multiple times.
Very much needed to have a possibility to read reviews.


I’ve opened a similar topic about this. Glad to see I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is even more frustrating when you click to edit the beer, we clearly see that the formatting (linebreak at least) is still there in the description…

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Hi everyone, we now support new lines in reviews! We hope this helps to give better structure to reviews and also improve readability. Let us know if you have any issues :slight_smile:


Dear RB services,

Thank you for the fix. :grinning: The reviews with paragraphs are now readable as before.