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SOLVED - BUG: where's my bottle?


Beer page, look at the ratings.
Can and cask display correctly, there seem to be an issue with bottle.
Windows 7, Chrome, 1920x1080
Tried on IE11, same result



It’s been like that since the possibility of adding the serving style was introduced. I pointed it out whenever that was.


@services this looks like it deserves a looking at and could be a zero pointer. To replicate, simply go to a beer page and scroll until you see a munged bottle pic. This looks like a simple syntax error.


Hi @joet we already started work on this one and should be able to release a fix next week :slight_smile:


While I appreciate you actually working to fix this admittedly very minor bug, may I ask why it’s taken you almost 3 months to do (presumably) a quick tweak of its background-position attribute in the css?

Don’t you think these tiny quality of life fixes are the kind you should be pumping out on a day-to-day basis as and when they occur? Of course leaving the bigger stuff (style changes, layout changes, new features etc.) for your usual release cycle.


Hi @LazyPyro , we do take these types of quality of life bugs seriously. We are a very small team and even though these issues usually don’t take so long, the little bugs all add up and we try to prioritise based on the impact to users.


I certainly hear you. I’ve been a big proponent of avoiding the “death by a thousand cuts” that is bug accumulation. The RateBeer team in Australia has done a great job of keeping the list considerably smaller than the what we had in the past, which required a 180 turnaround intervention. So far, this team has been really good. Thanks for looking out. We appreciate you keeping us on our toes.


Thanks for the reply Joe. Any chance that you (or the Aussie team) could spend 10 mins sitting down and going through every thread in the Website Bugs forum that isn’t marked as SOLVED? Especially ones that either you or services has not publicly responded to. Just to make sure that each of those issues is known and on the to-do list? At this point just some acknowledgement that our bug reports have been seen would alleviate some of the concern many of us have, even if it is extremely minor issues like a couple that I’ve reported.


Trust me, it takes a lot longer than that! I will be going through items regularly.


I’m well aware, I’m just giving you shit and pressuring you :slight_smile:


I appreciate that. It seems that with all this help, I’d have less to do, but it I’m leaving work every day with more work than I had when I sat down.


The bottle icon should appear correctly now :slight_smile: