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SOLVED Cannot Edit a Place Rating

Simply put, I cannot update place reviews. When I click Save, it just spins and never successfully submits. Tried on iPhone, iPad, and laptop – same issue on all.

Super inconvenient to not be able to update past, obsolete reviews.

@services, @joet

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If it is an older place rating you need to fix any earlier N/A. Slide it up, then back to 0.

I reported it before somewhere on the bugs of new place page, but seems not fixed yet then.


Thanks very much. I’ll add a ticket. Cheers

@joet @aww @services

I don’t see an option to move place ratings as an admin either. Could this please be a priority - we cannot kill duplicate Place entries because of this!


Agreed, need the ability to move and delete place ratings as admins.
Like Marko stated, to fix duplicate places, but also to remove spam.

What level does it take to delete a Place Rating as an admin?
I found a few associated user ratings for their own place for examples…but I cannot delete them

Right now you just can’t do that regardless of the level.


+1 for this one.

I have a duplicate I cannot delete for this reason.

Note to self: MKE Burger - Franklin.

Any ETA on this one? I have major changes to make in the Appleton market and this issue is holding me up. @joet @services

We now have access to the former place page for dealing with these issues as a stop gap measure

I definitely feel your pain. I was using the old place page until that one was removed. It’s been reinstated. Hopefully we’ll have a fix soon.

Thanks. I was trying to find the old place rating pages but could not. How do I get there?


Awesome. Thanks!

Hi everyone, sorry that it took us a while to fix this one, but you should now be able to edit old place ratings. Please let us know if you continue to have any issues with editing :slight_smile: